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About Premier Football League Shirt Sponsors

The logo that you can see on any football strip today is basically that of a company which has usually offered the largest pile of cash to have their logo displayed on that particular club’s strip. Therefore many companies are in a constant struggle against one another to offer the most lucrative deal for a club, but there is usually only one winner. Although a football club may be sponsored by several different companies, most clubs usually have just one main sponsor.

It is obviously more beneficial for a company to sponsor a winning team, which is why the bigger clubs such as Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City, Liverpool and Arsenal can receive millions from their sponsorship deals. Most of us understand the importance of advertising and how vital it is to ‘get your brand out there and recognised by the masses’ and adding your logo to a football club’s strip (preferably a Premier League club) is one of the most strategic ways of actually getting your company recognised.

Many of these sponsorship deals last much longer than a period of just 12 months and in some cases the contracts can run for several years. It was recently revealed that the total revenue in sponsorship deals for all of the Premier League clubs combined has so far reached €150 Million for 2012/13 alone.

The majority of the shirt sponsors that we see today are of globally recognised brands, but some are lesser known to us, however the great thing for sponsors is that it generally doesn’t take long for a logo to become etched into our brain. Once this has happened, it usually stays with us for a long time to come.

The sponsors are fully aware of this this is why the larger companies compete to become the sponsor. The company that usually secures sponsorship is usually the one that has offered the club the most attractive sponsorship deal.

You will never find a ‘bad’ sponsor, for example a ruthless organisation because a sponsor should never make the club look bad in any way. Therefore 99.9% of sponsors are reliable companies that run perfectly legitimate operations. In some cases, even the stadium where the team plays or the actual team itself has been known to end up being named after their sponsor. This is actually more common around the world than you may think.