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Value in Premier League Football Shirt Sponsorship

It is extremely beneficial for a company to sponsor a club so that their brand can be displayed to millions of people around the world. It is just as important for the teams to receive the sponsorship money from a company, so the two naturally work hand-in-hand together. Quite simply put, by sponsoring a club, a company will gain far more exposure to consumers than it would by not being a sponsor.

Football Clubs would have less cash to build a better team or to maintain the stadiums if there were no sponsors. Who knows exactly what the clubs spend their sponsorship money on, but without it, there would certainly be a hole in the club’s budget. Sponsors therefore provide clubs with a much-needed cash injection.

Although the less successful clubs (that tend to sit near the lower end of the table) normally receive less lucrative deals than what the bigger, more successful clubs receive, the overheads for the less successful teams will be considerably lower than what the larger teams normally have to budget for, so the sponsorship deals tend to work out evenly in the end.

For example, a lower-end team may only have to cope with paying just one player £80,000.00 per week, but a top flight team might have to find the cash to pay for five or more players that are paid £100,000.00 more per week. Today’s teams do have other ways of making cash though and despite the fact that most revenue comes from ticket sales, merchandise sales and TV broadcasting rights deals etc., the money that is generated from sponsorship deals does also help to lighten the load.

When a company becomes a sponsor, their logo will instantly be printed onto millions of t-shirts which will be sold around the world and the TV coverage that each team receives means that the sponsor’s logo will be beamed directly into millions of homes across the globe, offering immense exposure. What more could a company that is trying to promote itself ask for? A football club only really has choose which offer worth is accepting, so with this in mind, you can see how it is a ‘win-win’ situation for both the club and the sponsor.